Y2kv for sale

FINALLY! i snagged one.. man these are not easy to find in ANY color but finally i tracked one down and was able to get it.

Now i just need to find a Japanese Y2KV Pro with Bolt on neck and ill be good for a bit..
IVe always wanted one of these not because it was designed by one of the most influentional bands of my childhood but also because it was a Jackson and the perfect flying V. Balance, Sound, Feel….. just perfect….

And yet that is the sad part. most of you wont ever see one of these in person or get a chance to jam on one since they were only made from 2000 to mid 2002 when Dave left for ESP.

only about 275-300 were made if that many…
But the guitar Gods smile on me once again and here is the fruits of their Grace!..
ALso my other 3 Black Pearl Y2KV’s. LIttle older pic and I know i should wait and do a group shot but soon! IM just to excited!!!!!! and have to share…
In case you missed my gear thread for all you new Jackson guys that want to see some cool axes.. Here is a link for you..

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