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The Jackson Y2KV Dave Mustaine signature guitar was introduced in 2000 (see above for a scan from the 2000 Jackson catalogue). 2002 catalogue scan can be viewed here. The first production run of 32 Y2KVs was started in January 2000. These were assembled between March and August. 80 more were started in September 2000 and 33 more in December. Most likely another circa 150 of them were built before the series was discontinued in 2002.
Dave Mustaine had a truckload of Y2KVs. He received 10 of the initial batch of 32 and most likely got another 15 or so later on. He also had many custom shop Y2KVs including the prototypes. Dave has sold most of his Y2KVs – first through Andy Brauer and then later on Ebay. Some of them were also given to his friends.
During the Andy Brauer auctions in May 2002 Dave sold practically all the production Y2KVs that he got from the first patch. Below is a group picture of the auctioned guitars.

The white Y2KV serial U07869 was recently seen on Ebay. The silver Y2KV with a matching headstock can be seen with it’s owner here.
When Dave’s contract with Jackson came to an end he got a large number of Y2KVs. These have high serial numbers and they were sold during the Ebay auctions:

Jackson Y2KV trans red mahogany U09324 Jackson Y2KV black metallic U09559 Jackson Y2KV charcoal metallic U11911 Jackson Y2KV mahogany U11921 Jackson Y2KV mahogany lefty U11925 Jackson Y2KV mahogany U11930 Jackson Y2KV black U11950 Jackson Y2KV black U11951 Jackson Y2KV black metallic U11956 Jackson Y2KV flag U12021 Jackson Y2KV flag U12023

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