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Jackson y2kv sale

Incredible sound! Astute design! Top shelf quality guitar in both physical appearance and sound. I will never look back.”

Best guitar I’ve ever owned! Bought it right here from Zzounds about 3 years ago. The sound is incredible for soloing! I can get any sound I like out of it, blues, rock, jazz, metal, it’s all there! Some people may like different pickups, but I have no problems and will never change them! Also,  the old saying holds true to “crap in, crap out” and with this guitar it’s “gold in, gold out”. Everything I plug it into sounds great! Either an expensive Marshall or a cheap Digitech or PoD product, it all sounds great! This guitar will make you want to practice more, that’s how great it sounds! (note, I do not work for Fender or Jackson).
 Floyd Rose, Mother of pearl inlays, Seymour Duncan’s, the best quality stuff you can find. This guitar is almost exactly the same as the KV2 other than the body shape.
  Ease of Use:
‘ve been playing this guitar every day for about 3 years now and find it very hard to put down. This guitar plays like butter and when you put some finger ease string lubricant on it, you will play like lightning and thunder! Arpeggios are but a breeze on this thing. I feel like I can play anything.
The quality of this guitar is what i call craftsmanship, it’s not that heavy nor too light. After 3 years of everyday playing it is only now starting to go out of intonation a little and the Floyd Rose screws are getting a little rusty, but i live in a high humidity climate so that is expected.
 They could easily have charged more for this and I would have still bought it and kept it. The only other guitar I found to have sound equally as good would be, a high end Hamer Elite. I think it is a fair value for someone who is serious about playing guitar. I mean, why else would Randy Rhoads, Marty Friedman, Kerry King, Etc. play them? Because they are just like a vintage Marshall stack, “You’ve tried all the rest, now try the best”.
Manufacturer Support:
Never had to call Jackson/Fender! I’m a guitar tech myself so I support myself when needed.
 The Wow Factor:
This guitar has alot of “sex appeal”! When you wear it and play it, women will flock to you like blind sheep! Honestly? Nobody ever notices the guitar once they hear the sound coming from it.

Y2kv sale

Y2KV Evolution

On this page you can see the evolution of the Y2KV model from the first prototypes to the final version. I have been lucky to get a LOT of documentation of the design process including work orders, factory pics, notes etc. Hopefully you’ll find this info interesting
Below are pics and information on all the Y2KV prototypes that Jackson Custom Shop made for Dave Mustaine. Starting with the first Roundhorn Vs that were probably not made with a new signature guitar in mind, and ending with the final versions that are similar to the production model we know as the Jackson Y2KV.

The Jackson Custom Shop had made Flying V shaped guitars from the early days of the company, but they had always been custom order only instruments. These guitars, also known as Roundhorn Vs, are one of the most desirable Jackson models. While the pointy shaped King V has been highly successful, many players prefer the more vintage look of the Flying V and the massive sound it produces.

The biggest problem with these Vs is that they are often quite heavy when compared to the smaller KV and RR models. In many cases this is caused by the use of mahogany which obviously is a feature derived from the classic Gibson Flying V model. The Gibson connection is also the reason why Jackson never made Flying V a production model. After the Fender buyout Jackson stopped building Flying Vs and that also signified the end of the Y2KV model.

 I want to feature a special guitar that has a somewhat strange background. It was shown at the 1998 NAMM show and was owned by Life Of Agony guitarist Joey Z. According to many sources this guitar was originally built for Dave Mustaine but he returned it to Jackson. There are many things that support this story: The work order number is sequential with Dave’s mirror top KV1. Three different parties not in contact with each other have told the guitar was made for Dave. This guitar was built almost identical to Gibson V models and thus it would make sense that it was the starting point for evolution of the Y2KV