Kv2 jackson

USA-made Jackson! Fast-playing neck with a compound (12 in. to 16 in.) fingerboard radius and mother of pearl Shark Fin position inlays.

Bound fingerboard and headstock with inlaid mother of pearl Jackson logo. Sharp “V” shaped body. CTS pots and Switchcraft switches:

Feature:                            The Floyd Rose stays in tune pretty well.  I like having two separate volume controls.  I never understood why other guitars have two tone controls and one volume.  But this is pretty useful.

Ease of Use:                            Once you get used to the odd shape, it’s actually pretty easy to play.  Although this is not a guitar that you can play sitting down very confortably.

Quality:                            The quality is great.  What you would expect from a $2000+ guitar.  The only issue I had is that one of the ground wires must be loose because there’s a loud sound that comes out when the volume is all the way down.

Value:                            It’s a great guitar, I got the snow white with black bevels.  But it took a while to save for it.  I think it’s a little pricey though.

Manufacturer Support:                            NA

The Wow Factor:                            The KV2 is down right sexy!  from the time I opened the case, to the time I hung it on the wall and stared at it for hours.  Can’t wait to see what it looks like on stage.

Overall:                            I’ve wanted this guitar for over 10 years and I finally got it!  well worth the wait.

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