Jackson y2kv stars stripes

Jackson just can’t get tired of making great guitars! XTRR is another fabulous instrument that deserves and gets the highest grades! There’s little to be wished for, if anything, with this great sounding instrument. A job well done by Jackson!

Nobody argues that XTRR has the most complete set of features that outshine most of the other guitar models in its price range. Jackson equipped this guitar with most features any musician would like to see in a guitar, so you may rest assured that XTRR is in the top of its league. With a matching price, this guitar is an excellent choice!


XTRR is a guitar that will cause envy with your friends-guitarists. The finish is beautiful; it tells the story of how much time and care Jackson took to create such a great instrument. Action is great right out of the box, but it’s easy to set it up to fit your playing style and needs. Hardware is no exception, and is carefully chosen to make XTRR a fine instrument that it is.

XTRR is one of the finest in its class. Jackson created a guitar that is both durable, and a guitar that performs well in studio, on stage and while rehearsing/practicing. Quality hardware and finish are a guarantee that this instrument will last long and serve you well, if you take the usual care for your instrument, as you

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