Jackson y2kv specs

Jackson is a company that you can count on and be sure that they know their job, and that’s building great instruments. Another model from Jackson named USA KV2 King V outperforms and outranks sound-wise many other models in its price range. It’s well worth the price.

This guitar is fitted with all the features you could possibly wish for, for a playing style that goes with this kind of instrument. Carefully chosen features leave no guitar player’s desire unfulfilled, which makes Jackson’s USA KV2 King V an extremely well featured guitar with which you’ll be thoroughly pleased. Highest grades for USA KV2 King V’s features!

Jackson made a guitar with an astonishing sound. USA KV2 King V is one great sounding instrument. A lot of musicians will agree that it plays well in many different musical genres, and is easy to set up, but most of all, fun to play. Its tone has unique tonal characteristics that are easily adjustable to fit your playing needs.

USA KV2 King V is a guitar that will cause envy with your friends-guitarists. The finish is beautiful; it tells the story of how much time and care Jackson took to create such a great instrument. Action is great right out of the box, but it’s easy to set it up to fit your playing style and needs. Hardware is no exception, and is carefully chosen to make USA KV2 King V a fine instrument that it is.

If you’re concerned whether USA KV2 King V will serve you well in terms of durability or reliability, then you shouldn’t worry at all about that. Jackson created a very fine musical instrument that will stand the test of time and perform well in any situation: studio sessions, gigs or rehearsals. USA KV2 King V is a quality built instrument that will last you a lifetime if you take good care of it.

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