Jackson y2kv ebay

Outlandish look. Brutal sound. The aptly named Jackson Warrior always emerges victorious. With two high-output Jackson CVR humbucking pickups, 24 jumbo frets, shark fin inlays and licensed Floyd Rose double locking tremolo system.


– Compound 12 to 16 inch Fingerboard Radius for a comfortable feel built for speed all the way up the neck – Reverse Jackson – 6-In-Line Pointed Headstock – Super high output Jackson CVR humbuckers for a searing tone .


The sound is OK but its a terrible time keeping this guitar in tune. Touch the trem and its all over. Is there some trick to keeping this guitar in tune??? Im surprised being its a Jackson and a Floyd Rose. The “fine” tuners are not fine, but rather large screws that can be hard to turn and are loose as there is much wiggle room, so the fine tuners dont do or keep their job very well at all. Im really very surprised and it makes me question buying any other guitars from this seller. Until now I have always been very happy with everything I have bought here….

Feature:                            Yes, the accessories are as advertised.

Ease of Use:

Very hard!!! Even without touching the tremolo bar its very tough to tune.This guitar doesnt stay in tune and that is a “MUST HAVE” with any instrument.


All cheap parts – Its a “toy” guitar for a beginner maybe, or a beater guitar, but dont buy this expecting quality, or for it to stay on tune. I really wish I could say its great, but I would be lying.

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