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Y2kv for sale

FINALLY! i snagged one.. man these are not easy to find in ANY color but finally i tracked one down and was able to get it.

Now i just need to find a Japanese Y2KV Pro with Bolt on neck and ill be good for a bit..
IVe always wanted one of these not because it was designed by one of the most influentional bands of my childhood but also because it was a Jackson and the perfect flying V. Balance, Sound, Feel….. just perfect….

And yet that is the sad part. most of you wont ever see one of these in person or get a chance to jam on one since they were only made from 2000 to mid 2002 when Dave left for ESP.

only about 275-300 were made if that many…
But the guitar Gods smile on me once again and here is the fruits of their Grace!..
ALso my other 3 Black Pearl Y2KV’s. LIttle older pic and I know i should wait and do a group shot but soon! IM just to excited!!!!!! and have to share…
In case you missed my gear thread for all you new Jackson guys that want to see some cool axes.. Here is a link for you..

Y2kv guitar

From its inaugural appearance in 1937, Gibson’s J-200 set a standard others have been trying to match ever since. Today—nearly 71 years later—the legacy of Gibson’s “King of the Flat-tops” lives on in the Gibson J-200 Standard acoustic-electric guitar. Upon its introduction in the late 1930s, the J-200 (also referred to as the SJ-200) immediately filled a need for a deeper, more balanced and powerful sound. It gave purveyors of the new American music scene of the 1930s a reliable, well-built instrument, capable of projecting the sound of the guitar well beyond that of any other acoustic on the market—a fact that still holds true today. It is simply the world’s most famous acoustic guitar, and certainly one of most popular, as evidenced by the list of players that have made it their primary acoustic instrument, among them Ray Whitley, Emmylou Harris, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Gram Parsons and Pete Townshend.
Gold Grover Rotomatic Tuners Grover’s original Rotomatic tuners are an engineering marvel, with style and performance exactly suited for the J-200 Standard. With a gear ratio of 14:1, the Rotomatics deliver precision tuning in a durable housing that provides maximum protection for the gear and string post. All moving parts are cut for exact meshing, eliminating the possibility of slippage. A countersunk tension screw lets players regulate the tuning tension to any degree. A special lubricant inside the gear box provides smooth and accurate tuning stability.
Crown Peghead Logo Gibson put the first crown peghead logo on an ES-300 back in 1940, and it has graced the headstocks of many legendary Gibson guitars ever since, including today’s J-200 Standard. Over the years, it has also been called a “thistle” because of the group of flowering plants with the sharp prickles, though Gibson has preferred to call it a “crown.”
Pickguard The tortoise pickguard for the J-200 Standard is Gibson’s standard Super Jumbo shape, hand-engraved with the J-200’s traditional floral and vine design, surrounded by a cream-colored border with yellow and orange dots.
Rosette A rosette is the beautiful, hand-crafted circle around the soundhole, and can be one of the most ornamental elements of any acoustic guitar. It is also one of the most subtle and complicated woodworking decorations on any acoustic guitar. The rosette on the J-200 Standard is a double-ring rosette, with the main ring consisting of seven-ply binding, and the second ring three-ply binding, adding a stylish, understated elegance to the J-200 Standard.

y2kv jackson

Jackson Y2KV was a guitar designed by Dave Mustaine, in an effort to create a less aggressive and retro-looking flying V guitar, to contrast for his usual King V.

It was mainly used for touring of Risk and The World Needs a Hero as Mustaine’s own model, with less than a dozen produced, including some prototypes.

Eventually, the Y2KV went mass production and introduced in the Jackson Guitars year 2000 catalog. The DVD concert Rude Awakening features the Y2KV with a Floyd Rose bridge and a “Shut up” sticker in between the pickups. For the closure song “Holy Wars”, Mustaine uses a Y2KV stars and stripes (USA flag).

The guitar resembles a classic Flying V shape, with rounded edges, and symmetrical and rounded headstock as well

Y2kv mustaine


used to own the final Y2KV prototype that Dave Mustaine used live for some years.

I sold it away when I got the Megadeth logo KV but I really started to miss the comfortable feel and resonant sound of this model.

Anyway posted a WTB add a while back and Brett was kind enough to offer this guitar to me. Regular production model Y2KV. It took me a long time to start liking the looks but specs wise these guitars are masterpieces and it’s no wonder they spent several years doing prototypes to get everything right. The balance is amazing!

Y2kv sale

Y2KV Evolution

On this page you can see the evolution of the Y2KV model from the first prototypes to the final version. I have been lucky to get a LOT of documentation of the design process including work orders, factory pics, notes etc. Hopefully you’ll find this info interesting
Below are pics and information on all the Y2KV prototypes that Jackson Custom Shop made for Dave Mustaine. Starting with the first Roundhorn Vs that were probably not made with a new signature guitar in mind, and ending with the final versions that are similar to the production model we know as the Jackson Y2KV.

The Jackson Custom Shop had made Flying V shaped guitars from the early days of the company, but they had always been custom order only instruments. These guitars, also known as Roundhorn Vs, are one of the most desirable Jackson models. While the pointy shaped King V has been highly successful, many players prefer the more vintage look of the Flying V and the massive sound it produces.

The biggest problem with these Vs is that they are often quite heavy when compared to the smaller KV and RR models. In many cases this is caused by the use of mahogany which obviously is a feature derived from the classic Gibson Flying V model. The Gibson connection is also the reason why Jackson never made Flying V a production model. After the Fender buyout Jackson stopped building Flying Vs and that also signified the end of the Y2KV model.

 I want to feature a special guitar that has a somewhat strange background. It was shown at the 1998 NAMM show and was owned by Life Of Agony guitarist Joey Z. According to many sources this guitar was originally built for Dave Mustaine but he returned it to Jackson. There are many things that support this story: The work order number is sequential with Dave’s mirror top KV1. Three different parties not in contact with each other have told the guitar was made for Dave. This guitar was built almost identical to Gibson V models and thus it would make sense that it was the starting point for evolution of the Y2KV